September 3, 2018

10 Little Things- September 2018.

It’s been a little while since I’ve introduced myself for any new followers, so I thought I’d use this cold, rainy day to do something a little different. I’m bundled up in my best leggings and biggest hoodie, and ready to devote this month’s “10 little things” to some facts you might not have known about me!

  1. I think “visiting” is a pastime too precious to be forgotten. We don’t need “plans”… just come over! Also,  if you come to my house wearing anything more elegant than your softest t-shirt, and leggings, I will insist that you borrow some of mine and get cozy with me as we catch up.
  2. My favorite color is YELLOW!
  3. I joined a sorority my sophomore year of college, and was nominated and then elected President of it the following year. It still makes me laugh to think about. I truly had no idea what I was doing- I was unqualified and I made so many mistakes- but through the experience I learned a lot.  I had a close friend in my ear during my entire year of leadership leading me to believe that everything I was working to improve in our chapter was futile. It was already too far gone. I learned  that there are going to be times in life that you will need to take a good, hard look at yourself and make sure your heart and your motives are pure. Once you can say with certainty that they are, you have to put your head down and do what you need to do no matter what those around you are saying. There may be mistakes and apologies along the way, but let there never be an apology for doing nothing when you have so much to offer.
  4.  I live in a beautiful beach town that people travel to for destination weddings from all across the country. Still, all I ever wanted was to be married to my best friend while wearing cowboy boots beneath some of the largest, most moss-covered oak trees I’d ever seen. I got the desire of my heart on October 26, 2013! My boots had delicate white ivy stitching and matched my lace dress better than I could have dreamed.
  5. Joyful, obnoxious. I don’t know the difference when the first beams of sunlight make it through my sheer curtains on a Saturday morning. You know Anna from Frozen’s famous line “The sky’s awake, so I’m awake.” Well girl, SAME. I love to jump out of bed, throw open the curtains, and flood the house with worship music.
  6. During my sophomore year of high school, when I was first diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, I was taken out of school for 7 months to rest and recover. I was diagnosed after a traumatic home experience apparently brought the disease out of dormancy. By the time I returned to school, I had built walls so high that I had a hard time fitting back into the friendships and circles I had left. I was self conscious about both the events that had happened in my family and the physical changes and limitations brought about by disease. It left me with a lot of trouble finding joy in the ordinary. I would sit amongst groups of friends, all of them laughing until they were in tears, and realize that I was not even able to crack a smile. I prayed so many tearful, heartfelt prayers for the Lord to restore my joy. Now I am known for being the girl who cannot STOP smiling. As an adult, I have been misjudged several times as being blissfully naive but I know so much more than those who accuse me of such. I know an eternal joy that resides in the innermost places of my soul.  I can only hope that somehow the Lord will use me to give others a hope for the same sort of joy.
  7. I don’t dress up very often but, when I do, you can count on me wearing pearls. I got my first real set from my cousin Lisa at my high school graduation party. They came from Qatar, the pearl capital of the world. When she gave them to me, her exact words were that “every woman needed one fine pair of pearls.” She is one of my biggest role models. A true woman of class, but also still down to paint “Lethal Lisa” across the roof of an old car and drive it in a stock car race.
  8. I don’t follow a lot of TV shows, but I have my favorites that I like to have on in the background while I clean or craft… Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Boy Meets World, Reba, and Last Man Standing. I was on a Friends kick recently, but I’ve just transitioned to How I Met Your Mother.
  9. I have been known to slip away from family gatherings or parties with friends to read bedtime stories to the kids or play with them and their dolls or action figures. At my own bridal shower, I sat at the kids table. Most of the time I don’t even realize I’m kind of ignoring the adults around me. I just really love kids. I want to adopt a child (maybe even childREN) one day because I know I could love another’s child the same way I’d love my own. I already do.
  10. I loved to write as a kid and even had a 70-something-year-old pen pal in Michigan. My great grandmother’s sister, named Jane. She spoke into my life regularly, telling me I’d be an author one day. She also taught me that, if you’re going to have a lot to write about, you’ve got to learn to celebrate others (and yourself) well. She had a Christmas tree that she left up year round and decorated for every holiday. Her cards ALWAYS came with confetti inside that fell all over the carpet when you’d open them up. She’d advise not to vacuum it up because it would make you smile every time your eyes fell on it. She’d even send care packages full of all the best things my young mind could imagine-beautiful journals and pens,  blankets and snacks.  I put away my writing for many years but her words of encouragement have never left me. They are part of what has given me the courage to start writing again as a 20-something.  If Justin and I are ever blessed with a daughter, we plan to honor my great aunt Janie by giving our daughter the middle name “Jane.”
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