January 2, 2018

He’s in the Waiting: A Recap of 2017

If you had asked me about 2017 in passing I might have rattled off a comment about it being a loooonnnggg year. It’s true that this past year has been a year of waiting for Justin and I. It’s been a year of struggling to remain patient, to remain focused, and to remain grateful. Naturally, our flesh has focused on the all things we’ve been praying for this entire year, and we’ve been disappointed when we haven’t seen them come to pass. At times it’s felt like God has been so far away. We’ve had to renew our minds the whole year through, but with an opportunity to snuggle up last night and truly reflect on this past year, I realize now that we have even more reason to be grateful than I first could see. What is it about a milestone like a new year that causes us to be able to see so clearly what was always before us? God never leaves us or forsakes us.

I sat yesterday in the quiet of the empty living room- something that doesn’t happen often- tucked in the most comfortable nook of the couch. I pulled out my phone, but rather than texting a friend or surfing the Internet, I pulled open the notes section and took a few moments to be still.

Sometimes being still before the Lord can be intimidating because we can think that has to mean sitting at His feet for a whole chunk of the afternoon. While that’s an amazing way to spend a day, and I definitely want to set aside time to be able to do that, I’m learning to make being still before the Lord a regular practice in my life too… even just 15 minutes to pause and acknowledge His goodness. It’s like hitting the pause button to just breathe in His grace. Then I can continue my day with a renewed mind and confidence in my purpose.

I created a list in my phone of the months of the year. Then, I sat quietly with that list of months and just thought about each experience the Lord allowed me to have this year and the month it happened within. I wrote the experiences beside the appropriate months. Soon, I was looking at a list that might as well have been titled “Humble Me, Lord.”

I was just so grateful that I decided I’d bring that list here to the blog to share with you all. I pray that it can be an encouragement to you that God is in the waiting! He knows the season you’re in and, though you might not be able to see Him, He’s there with you. He may not rush you out of your circumstances all at once but it’s only because He knows the beauty of what’s to come. It will take a little time, but something good is in the works! In the mean time He’s filling your life with little blessings to give you hope and keep you going! You just have to take notice of them!
















I started a new position in 3rd grade! I was really nervous to be in a testing grade, but the Lord is so faithful. My sweet babes are learning everything they need to, even as I keep learning and growing myself.











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