June 5, 2017

Love makes all things work.

She pulled herself up onto the bathroom counter and sat there, legs swinging, knocking the cabinets beneath the sink, while he got ready for work. She was in his way, but he didn’t mention it. It would have been so much easier for him to reach for his hairbrush, his hair gel, his toothbrush on his own. Still, he patiently asked her to pass each item. He knew what the time together meant to her- even if it wasn’t practical. These days, there wasn’t a lot of time to be together.

Her routine had become rather confounding- trying to keep busy until the late afternoon when his alarm finally sounded, then dropping everything in order to be fully present for the few hours they were both awake. Soon, the boots would go back on, the bullet-proof vest, the duty belt, the badge, and he’d be off again. And she- well, she’d be left alone, sharing her queen-sized bed with her 50 pound hound dog, wishing it were him instead. She’d be left waiting for the dim hour of the early morning when he’d return and slip into bed beside her. That one peaceful hour between his arrival and her alarm clock. An hour to rest with her hand on his thigh knowing that, no matter where her dreams took her, he was there. Then it would begin again.

As he finished brushing his teeth, she jumped down from the counter. He pulled her in close and kissed her forehead. She whispered goodnight. It wasn’t dark out yet, but it would have to do. She reminded herself that love would make this work. Love makes all things work.

And love, unlike time, was definitely not something they were short on.


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