September 29, 2018

My Saturday Morning Praise Playlist.

I’m a slow, quiet, better-not-talk-to-me-for-at-least-30-minutes kind of riser during the work week. There’s something different about a weekend though. Something different about sleeping in until 8:00 am on a Saturday, throwing open the curtains to let the early morning light beam in, and flooding the house with praise music. Loud, upbeat, praise music that has this girl singing even as she tries to brush her teeth, dancing in the kitchen as she makes breakfast, waking up the whole house with her outspoken thanksgivings.

The Lord gives so much to His children. The Bible says that if earthly parents love and spoil their children, just imagine how much more He will. But praise and worship- it’s the one thing that WE can give back to God. It is truly the only thing of value we have to lift up to the God of all creation. Praise first and foremost honors God. The Lord is so good though that, even as we offer that gift to Him, He does something in us through it too. He aligns our soul and our spirit- the Original Chiropractor. Everything out of balance in our lives begins to shift back into place when we let praise refresh our heavenly perspective.

So, this morning, I’m sharing with you some of my favorites and what I’ve got playing in my own home even as I write…

My Feet Are On The Rock- I Am They

I just found this song one morning last week. I listened to it 4 times in a row as I made my way to work and at least once every day since. I love country music and this one reminds me a bit of Little Big Town’s “Boondocks” with some of the repetition. It brings me back to my roots with its bluegrass feel, but also lifts me to new places with its message of truth.

Still Rolling Stones- Lauren Daigle

I love everything by Lauren Daigle. This girl is amazing. I struggle to believe she’s only a year older than me sometimes because she is so inspiring. I love her unique, edgy style which comes from complete comfort and confidence in the Lord, and of course her voice- so raspy and beautiful.  Also, I may or may not have recurring daydreams of being able to get on stage and belt this song out with the same raw talent. Rise Up!

Good, Good Father- Curt Vernon

Bringing me back to my country roots again is Curt Vernon with Good, Good Father.  It’s like praise music from Willie Nelson almost. (I’m laughing too!) Plus there’s a line I can’t get over… “Even if I change the world, that won’t make you love me more because you meant it when you said ‘It is Finished’.” How amazing is it to know that you don’t have to work to achieve God’s love? He loves you, right now, as much as He always has and as He’s ever going to. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done. He has an infinite, overwhelming love for you. A Father’s love.

What A Friend- Matt Maher

I have to admit that this song is a little more “pop” than I’m usually into but it’s that chorus, girl. It’s such a simple, beautiful truth that it sends my heart soaring. “Forever and ever, His heart is my home.”

Deep Cries Out- Bethel Church

For a girl that’s truly got no musical or rhythmic abilities, I’m thankful for a song like this one. It’s the “Cupid Shuffle” of praise. A song that makes me feel like I finally know what to do with my hands! Some of the lyrics say “If He goes to the left, then we’ll go to the left.” There’s such freedom in letting yourself really get into this. Sing those lyrics out loud and let your body get a little carried away. In other words…


  “I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes.”

– Samuel 6:22


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