September 25, 2017

The beginning of a breakthrough.

It makes me smile that the things that are so simple and obvious for one can be another’s biggest revelation.

Like for me, I’m learning that the people I’ve always seen as “good family men/women” and “hard workers” didn’t just turn out that way.

Maybe you’re shaking your head at me right now thinking, “is this girl for real?” Yes. For real. I’m not going to be embarrassed to admit that didn’t come as plainly to me as it might have come to you.

For me, I only just began to really understand it. And I’m in awe every time I think of the fact that they worked for it, even when they didn’t feel like it. That doesn’t necessarily mean they wore themselves out working for it, either. Rather, it means that they drew hard boundaries and refused to cross them. They didn’t say, “I’m going to be the best I can be in this one area of my life only.” They said, “I’m going to be the best I can be in all areas of my life. A true person of integrity. And maybe that means I can’t give each of those areas everything that I would have been able to if I had been just focused on one of them. But that’s okay.”

I’m finding so much grace in this revelation. The deeper it penetrates my heart, the more at peace I feel.

Today has been a day of setting aside all the things I felt I should do to get ready for the coming week. It’s been a day of enjoying simple things I love and spending time with people I love. Both of which I don’t get nearly enough time for during the week BECAUSE of those other things. It’s been a day of inching closer to being that person of integrity. The kind who always gives her best, but maintains balance.

I can’t say that those things I felt I had to get done still didn’t cross my mind. And I definitely can’t say that they didn’t make me feel nervous and even kind of sick when they did. But I can say I’m learning to renew my mind when those thoughts come so I’m not tempted to compromise this revelation. And I can say that I admitted my struggles to the people I was with, and felt strengthened by their encouragement and commitment to pray for me.

Progress was made, and such a profound revelation became a bit simpler as I learned to walk it out a little better.

I’m willing to bet that some of you have some things you’re struggling with that feel so big and overwhelming to you that another may not have ever thought twice about. And I don’t mean that to humiliate you or to puff up the person whom they come easy to. I mean that to encourage you! God gave us one another to do this life with. We all need to find someone who just seems to “get it” when we don’t.

If you feel led, won’t you share a revelation you’re beginning to receive in the comments below? You never know who might need to grab hold of that revelation too, or who has already grasped it in totality. And then, won’t you respond to another comment? Find a revelation that never challenged you personally and see if you can offer some insight that may help someone else grow. I invite you to make this post into a place for the beginning of a breakthrough.



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