December 31, 2016

The Bucket List.


  1. Marry my best friend. ✔
  2. Graduate college. ✔
  3. Start a blog. ✔
  4. Experience a white Christmas in the mountains.
  5. Successfully keep a garden alive.
  6. Become a published author.
  7. Go on a mission trip.
  8. Move out of my hometown, if only for a short time.
  9. Become a stay at home mother.
  10.  Go horse back riding through the Blue Ridge Parkway. ✔
  11.  Learn my husband’s family recipes.
  12.  Learn another language fluently.
  13.  Create a cozy home where the presence of Jesus is welcomed and all who enter become like family.
  14.  Spend a week in a South Carolina beach house with friends.
  15.  Learn how to slow down and enjoy the moment.
  16.  Write a ‘thank you’ letter to someone who has inspired me. ✔
  17.  Raise an animal from a baby to a senior.
  18. Take a truck through the Carolinas, collecting antiques to decorate our home with.
  19. Sell a piece of my art- refinished furniture or a hand-lettered sign.
  20. Learn a line dance.
  21. Write a letter to my future self.
  22. Read the Bible cover to cover in one year.
  23. Attend a unique, small-town festival.
  24. Zip line through the rainforest. ✔
  25. Swim with manatees in the Florida springs.
  26. Take a train from Grand Central Station. ✔
  27. Sea-kayak through the San Juan Islands in Washington. ✔
  28. Swim with pigs in the Bahamas.
  29. Take a camping trip with friends.
  30. Receive a love letter. ✔
  31. Visit the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and tuck a prayer of mine between the stones.
  32. Write a speech. ✔
  33. Get my concealed weapon permit.
  34. Have a “famous” recipe.
  35. Catch fireflies in a mason jar.
  36. Buy a new pair of boots from Nashville, Tennessee.
  37. Ice skate at Rockefeller plaza.
  38. Join a sorority. ✔
  39. Try a wild game burger. ✔
  40. Pray with someone to receive Jesus.
  41. Take a cooking class.
  42. Learn to love/understand football so I can share that with my husband.
  43. Travel out of state alone. ✔
  44. Go a week technology-free.
  45. Be a part of a book club.
  46. Visit Ireland.
  47. Go cave-tubing.
  48. Visit New Zealand.
  49. Attend a country music awards show.
  50. Leave a note in a library book for the next reader.
  51. Adopt a child.
  52. Play on big inflatable water slides out in the ocean.✔
  53. Mentor a group of girls through the church.
  54. Find a godly mentor of my own.
  55. Have a sister-in-law that becomes a best friend.
  56. Airboat through the Everglades.
  57. Help someone with a proposal. ✔
  58. Shop for wedding dresses on Miracle Mile in Miami, FL with my Mom. ✔
  59. Kiss behind a waterfall.
  60. Deliver a sermon. ✔
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